Non–Compliance but no referral : the ICC muddies the waters

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  1. Uganda’s presidential term limit debacle

    Published 5th October 2017

    Parliamentary brawls are becoming more common across the world. The scenes in Uganda’s parliamentary session last week were not unlike the ones that unfolded in South Africa’s parliament a few months ago. Punches and chairs were thrown and security staff were called to remove 25 members of parliament. The cause of the brawls- the introduction […]

  2. Asserting the supremacy of the Kenyan Constitution

    Published 7th September 2017

    Mandated to “assert the supremacy of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the people of Kenya” the Kenyan Supreme Court did just that last week when they stunned the world with a ruling that has positively resonated throughout the African continent. Kenya’s highest court ruled that the 2017 Presidential election results were null and void […]

  3. Being on the right side of history: Reflections from Charlottesville

    Published 24th August 2017

    The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA earlier this month, stunned and shocked us all. The rising levels of intolerance and racism in America, coupled with the initially wanting and inadequate response from the Trump administration are grave causes for concern. American history has no shortage of struggle stories founded on the quest for equality and […]

  4. Kagame wins again

    Published 10th August 2017

    Last week President Paul Kagame was re-elected as head of state by 99% percent of the Rwandan electorate. This signals the beginning of Kagame’s third term in office after 17 years at the helm. Kagame ushered in an era of prosperity for many Rwandans in the aftermath of the devastating genocide. He enjoys genuine support […]

  5. History to repeat itself in Kenya?

    Published 27th July 2017

    Early next month on 8 August, the Kenyans take to the ballot box. They will vote for a president, members of parliament and local politicians. Since the end of a one party state in 1991, several Kenyan elections have been marred with violence. Kenya’s 2007/ 2008 post election violence resulted in the deaths of at […]

  6. Point of no return for many Africans

    Published 13th July 2017

    Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit the Senegalese Island of Goree, which was a pivotal part of the harrowing Transatlantic Slave Trade. Despite the formal abolition of slavery roughly 150 years ago, according to the Global Slavery Index 45.8 million people are modern day slaves currently. The humbling and deeply moving experience […]

  7. D-Day Looming for South Africa

    Published 28th June 2017

    Next week on 6 July, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will announce its ruling on whether South Africa’s failure to arrest President Bashir constitutes an act of non-compliance. In reality findings of non-compliance have had little impact on other nations in the past, but in South Africa’s case- could the outcome determine whether South Africa […]

  8. Universal Jurisdiction for Liberian Torture Victims

    Published 15th June 2017

    Earlier this month, Liberian Agnes Reeves Taylor was arrested by UK Metropolitan Police- War Crimes Unit, and charged with torture committed during the First Liberian Civil War. Due to the existence of universal jurisdiction, suspected perpetrators of such crimes will find no safe haven. This case could be of huge significance for victims and a […]

  9. Democracy and International Justice- the people have spoken

    Published 2nd June 2017

    Last week, Zambians voted on whether they would like to remain within the Rome Statute system or not. A majority, 93.3% of those asked voted in favour of remaining with the International Criminal Court. Given the tension between the African Union and the ICC and the persistent threats of withdrawal-the significance of the results and […]

  10. Iraqi ghosts return to haunt Blair

    Published 18th May 2017

    In 2003, the UK and the US charged into Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence pointing to the housing of weapons of mass destruction and allegations that Saddam Hussein was supporting Al Qaeda. The consequences of these actions have come back to haunt former Prime Minister Tony Blair who is currently being pursued for […]